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Note:  While we will make reasonable effort to maintain current and accurate information on this Sales List, all prices and availability are subject to change without notice.  Prices for pregnant females are valid until 90 days prior to their due dates.

Special Offer:  Purchase any of our breed stock alpaca at our regular published price and receive free delivery to your ranch or the destination of your choice, located within the State of Texas.

Female Alpacas


Name:  Hill Country's Bailey
DOB:  9 June 2008
ARI#:  30948990
Color:  Dark Fawn
Sire:  Dundee's Stonewall Jaxon (848926)
Dam:  Peruvian Heritage Victoria (1191240)
Price:  $4,500

Bailey is a paco-vicuna type alpaca. We don't know how that happened, but she definitely has many of the traits. She has very fine fleece. She is currently open but delivered a beautiful male cria her first pregnancy and a beautiful and friendly female offsprings for her second.


Name:  Hill Country's Brazoria
DOB:  9 May 2009
ARI#:  31601313
Color:  Medium Brown
Sire:  Escondido's Makulu (850153)
Dam:  Nirvana's Sari (832411)
Price:  $12,000

Zori has Legacy, El Nino and Royal Fawn bloodlines. Zori gave us a beautiful MFI Toledo son who was solid white and a medium brown male from EON Max Factor.

Zori was Color Champion at the AOK Blast Off in 2010 and received a second place finish at the Futurity. A very nice girl. Very laid back disposition, taking after her dam.


Name:  Hill Country's Taylor
DOB:  17 April 2008
ARI#:  30948976
Color:  Medium Brown
Sire:  Snowmass Royal Flush (830228)
Dam:  Nirvana's Sari (832411)
Price:  $5,000

Taylor is a beautiful medium brown. She has attended two shows where she brought home a First Place ribbon and a Third Place ribbon. She has bright fine fleece with great character. She is the daughter of Snowmass Royal Fawn who brings lots of color to his cria. 


Name:  Max Factor's Colour Harmony
DOB:  10 April 2011
ARI#:  32331240
Color:  Light Fawn
Sire:  EON Max Factor (30665590)
Dam:  JA Ariel (821510)
Price:  $5,000

Beautiful and sweet natured, Harmony is the daughter of EON Max Factor, a Victor Hemiaccoyo Casanova son. Max has wond in halter, fleece, composite and spin-off competition. He has given lovely brightness to the fleece of his offspring and Harmony is no exception.


Name:  Max Factor's Glamour Daze
DOB:  7 April 2011
ARI#:  32331233
Color:  Light Fawn
Sire:  EON Max Factor (30665590)
Dam:  Hill Country's Fayette (30892064)
Price:  $3,500

Daisy has a fine fleece that won her a 5th place at the very competitive TxOLAN Alpaca Spectacular in 2012. Daisy lacks some density, so we would recommend a search for a dense male if you are planning on breeding.


Name:  Max Factor's Lash Effect
DOB:  27 March 2011
ARI#:  32331226
Color:  Beige
Sire:  EON Max Factor (30665590)
Dam:  Hill Country's Bell (30027784)
Price:  $4,500

A staple length to drool over. "Lashes" is the granddaughter of Victor's Hemiaccoyo Cassanova and carries brightness and staple length in her fiber. She also carries Royal Fawn and Peruvian Oro in her "who's who" of ancestry.

Male Alpacas

Paschal's Fleece
Paschal's Fleece

Name:  Poseidon's Paschal
DOB:  4 April 2007
ARI#:  30948921
Color:  White
Sire:  Caligula's Accoyo Poseidon (820499)
Dam:  Nirvana's Sari (832411)
Price:  $3,500

Paschal has great bloodlines (Caligula and Royal Fawn) and has siblings that have performed at the highest levels of competition in the industry. And competingin always large and always competitive white classes, Paschal has not done too badly himself in the show ring.  He has received two second place finishes, one resulting in a reserve championship in a compsite class and two third place finishes.  One of his third place awards was at the 2008 AOBA National in Sandy, Utah.  Paschal also contributed to his father's get-of-sire blue ribbon at the always tough TXOLAN Alpaca Spectacular in February, 2008. 

Pashal has a beautiful architecture to his fleece and apart from its color, is strikingly similar in structure and appearance to his older brother, Futurity winner, Poseidon's Isaac.  We suspect it is probably around 14 microns.

Read more about Paschal at our Herdsires page.

Paschal is co-owned with Rhonda and Kern Deschner and Tierra Prometida Alpacas. 

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