Hill Country Alpacas
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About Us

Hill Country Alpacas is located near the Texas Hill Country town of Medina. You can find us just off Highway 16 between Kerrville and Bandera.  

Leigh and Chuck Thomas w/Fayette

Hill County Alpacas is owned by Leigh and Chuck Thomas.  We discovered alpacas while searching for a meaningful lifestyle to follow a successful corporate career and something to fill the empty nest created by our children starting their own adult lives.  We learned about alpacas from a magazine article featuring a family experiencing a similar life-phase.  They had found great joy and purpose in raising alpacas.  We visited their ranch and followed up with lots of independent research, including visits to other ranches.  We were soon hooked.  We purchased our first alpacas in 2003. 

Hill Country Alpacas' West & South Pastures

Meet Lucca


Lucca, is 100 pounds of LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog).  He lives full time with the alpaca.  He loves them and they love him...well okay, they appreciate him.  Actually, they are pretty indifferent to his presence, which is exactly the way it should be.  But WE love him and he gives us extraordinary peace of mind as he is very conscientious about his work.  Luke is a Maremma sheepdog.  Both his mother and father were working dogs, and Luke has not breathed a breath of life on this earth that he has not been around livestock.  For the first six weeks of his life, he helped his mom with her herd of sheep in Pennsylvania, and now he has HIS herd of alpaca.

And Meet Marco

Marco is Lucca's new protege. Marco is also a Maremma sheepdog and will be learning from Lucca as he grows into a grown-up Livestock Guardian Dog. Marco's mother and father guard a herd of goats, and like Lucca, he has been around livestock since birth.

We love Texas!

Texas County Locator

To honor our home state, we name some of our alpaca offspring for the counties of this great state.  For a neat interactive tool that locates each of the 254 Texas counties and the names that have been the inspiration for our alpaca herd, click on this map of Texas.

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